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Penrith Lakes



Penrith Lakes Development Corporation,
Penrith NSW


1,941 hectares






Rehabilitation of quarrying site(s);
control of introduced species  


Scope Of Works

Merchants has and continues to provide the following services:

  • land surface treatment: rock raking and picking; supply and laying of turf; seed drilling; sub-soil ripping; and cultivation
  • land maintenance: slashing, mulching and irrigation
  • native grass farm maintenance
  • fertilising and
  • equipment maintenance.

Penrith Lakes Development Corporation (PLDC) is a complex engineering undertaking involving the rehabilitation of the Castlereagh floodplain, north of Penrith, by concurrently quarrying and constructing a major regional parkland.

The PLDC covers 1,941 hectares of land with current land use including gravel quarrying, commercial offices, native plant nurseries and Sydney International Regatta Centre.

Merchants is providing rehabilitation agricultural activities in order to rehabilitate and vegetate areas for future conservation and parkland for the land end use.

The final scheme will include major lakes, wetland corridors and diverse landform uses.